Building Inspection

The City of Mora’s Building Department helps to ensure that all your construction projects meet the requirements of the State Building Code. The Building Official is responsible for issuing building permits, collecting applicable fees, and performing the required inspections.

It is the responsibility of the department to oversee the construction, reconstruction, demolition, alteration, and repair of all residential and commercial buildings and other structures to which the building code is applicable. This also includes set-up of manufactured homes.

Building permits are required to construct, add, alter, repair, remove, or demolish a structure. The adopted State Building Code also requires permits for maintenance items such as re-roofing, re-siding, and /or window replacement. Any plumbing, mechanical, or electrical work also requires a permit. Electrical permits are obtained through the Minnesota Department of labor and Industry. Commercial plumbing, restaurants, daycares, and some other uses may require state approvals.

A permit and obtaining the required inspections ensures that proper services are provided to safeguard life, health, property, and public welfare. If work is done improperly, such work can become unsafe for homeowners and their families, as well as devalue their home.

All permit applications, except electrical, are available at city hall. If you have any questions regarding permits, the permit process, or if you already have a permit and need to arrange for an inspection, please call Building Official Caleb Christenson at 320-225-4808 (office) or 320-674-0038 (cell).

If you have any questions regarding building codes, please call Building Official Caleb Christenson at 320-225-4808.