City Officials

Mora currently operates as an Optional Plan A Statutory City which is a strong council/weak mayor form of government. The citizens of Mora elect a mayor and four council members to four-year staggered terms. The elected and appointed officials who serve the City of Mora are dedicated to the improvement of our community.
The Council is assisted by a number of citizen boards. These include: the Public Utilities Commission who governs the city’s electric, water, and wastewater utilities; the Housing and Redevelopment Authority and the Economic Development Authority who carry out the city’s housing and economic activities; the Planning Commission who advise the council on planning and land use matters; the Airport Advisory Board who advise the council on airport matters, and the Park Board who advise the council on park related activities.
A City Administrator/Public Utilities General Manager is appointed by the Council and the Public Utilities Commission to handle the day-to-day affairs of the city.

There are many opportunities to serve on the various boards and commissions appointed by the city council. Applications are accepted in November and December for appointments in January of each year. A list of openings and an application form are available on this website (see sidebar) or by contacting city hall.