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City of Mora
A City For All Seasons

Mora Municipal Utilities

Mora Municipal Utilities is governed by the Mora Public Utilites Commission and is responsible for operating water, wastewater and electric utilties within the City of Mora and provides electric service to certain parts of Arthur Township and wastewater service to the City of Quamba.

To report a service disruption or problem call 320.679.1451 anytime.

Attached Document or FileAuto Pay form  Click on the link to view and print the application.
Rates and Fees
Click on the link to access the current rate and fee schedules for Mora municipal Utilities.

E-mail utility bills
To have your monthly utility bill e-mailed to you, simply send an e-mail to  Your e-mail bill will arrive earlier, giving you more time to pay and to avoid a late payment penalty.  Stop waiting for snail mail; sign up for e-mail!

Auto Pay
To ensure that your utility bill is paid on time every month, sign up for Auto Pay.  Your bank account will be debited about the 5th of the month for the balance of your bill.  Auto Pay is free, convenient, and it helps you avoid late payment penalties.


To sign up for Auto Pay, print and mail us the Auto Pay form found above.

Please include a voided check or deposit ticket with your application that has the correct routing number and account number for your account.

Pay Utility Bills On-Line

Rebates & Energy Efficiency

Mora Municipal Utilities and the Southern Minnesota Municipal Power Agency have teamed up to provide our electric utility customers with a variety of programs to help them reduce energy consumption and get some money back on energy saving improvements and purchases.

Click on the rebates & energy effieciency link below for more information.

The EnergyStar link below can also provide you with additional energy saving ideas.


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