City of Mora 

A City For All Seasons


Although the City of Mora encourages placement of flowers on the graves at Oakwood Cemetery, there are a few regulations necessary to preserve the natural beauty of the cemetery and to provide for ease of maintaining the grounds. Fresh cut flowers are allowed throughout the growing season. We encourage the free use of our flower containers available at the entrance to the cemetery. NO glass jars, coffee cans, etc. will be allowed. Annual flowers will be allowed provided all in-ground plantings are surrounded by a 6” dirt area and are planted next to a monument or flat marker. Above ground plantings must be in a single legged type planter with a mowing border of no less than 6” at ground level. Artificial flowers are allowed only from May 15 to June 15 unless they are in an approved planter or placed in the ground in a manner similar to live plantings. Wreaths, crosses, statues, etc. are allowed from May 15 to June 15 and 30 days following interments. After June 15 all such items will be removed without notice. Wreaths will be allowed during the Christmas season. Government issued veterans markers are allowed all year. If, in the opinion of cemetery management, flowers (live or artificial) become unsightly they will be removed. Please contact city hall before placing any permanent planting or marker.
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